Where’s a toilet when you need one

[I wrote this in today’s travel blog post but decided that it was too embarrassing to be on the blog so I’m putting this here.]

In Florence, it’s rather difficult to find a toilet that is free. Public toilets charge 1 euro while some cafes even charge people for using the loo.

Previously when my museum pass Firenze Card was still valid, I would just pop in a museum for their toilet and later their exhibition.

My pass expired yesterday so I wasn’t able to repeat my strategy. I looked around and couldn’t even find the public toilet.

I went to an ex-palace where they had free displays. NO TOILET in the public area.

I tried going into a church after a small donation. The ceiling frescos were gorgeous but there was no loo.

Church with no loo

I walked to Santa Maria Novella and saw that they had a toilet sign on a little board listing what they have on display. I paid my 5 euros, went pass the door and found out that the wing where the toilet was located was now under construction.

My bladder had a great exercise this morning.

At last I found a public toilet where I gladly paid 1 euro for release.



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