Day 1 of “no poo” experiment

I love experimenting on myself. Last time, I documented a DIY skincare was in 2009 when I tried the apple cider vinegar toner. (Was it that long ago?)

I didn’t continue with the experiment after my initial craze because it was a chore preparing the concoction.

Starting today, I am embarking on another DIY routine: the No Shampoo (“No Poo”) method for washing and conditioning my hair. I learned about it through a travel blogger’s post and decided that it would be fun (and cheap) to try it out. Plus, some people reported amazing results with this method.


Ingredients for No Poo method:

  • Baking soda
  • Apple cider vinegar

4 years on, it is now much easier to find apple cider vinegar in Singapore. Fairprice shelves it along with soy sauce so head there if you are looking for it. Baking soda is in the baking goods section.

How to shampoo with no shampoo:

I didn’t have a tablespoon or a measuring cup with me so I just dumped a bit too much of baking soda into a takeaway box and mixed it with water until it was clear. I also dumped a bit of ac vinegar into another takeaway box.

I probably too much of everything because lots of sites said to put the liquid in spray bottles.

When shampooing with the baking soda mix, I pour it onto my hair and rubbed it into my scalp. While rubbing the mixture in, my hair felt kind of slimy in a good way, like a conditioner.

But when I rinsed it off, my hair was kind of stiff because I probably used too much baking soda.

Then I poured diluted vinegar onto my hair and let it sit for a while. The bathroom smelled like yucky vinegar for a while so I was glad that no one was in the house to smell it.

Day 1: Effects of no poo

The apple cider vinegar helped with making my hair smooth. Before that, my hair was tough after shampooing and need the help of conditioners to make it manageable.

I didn’t blowdry my hair to see what effects it would have. Previously, if I do not blowdry my hair, I would look like I have a bird nest helmet on. This time, it was much smoother, although it might be because I was combing it every once in a while.

My dye job look much brighter with this shampoo combination but this could be a psychological thing too.

If I continue on with this experiment, I will report back from time to time.

Read more about No Poo:

PS I am not sure how this would work in a tropical environment where my hair feels like an oil factory after 1 day of no washing. Fingers crossed!


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