Day 2 of no shampoo

[Posted on morning of Day 3]

Today, instead of the full routine, I only used diluted apple cider vinegar on my hair. I read that the baking soda mix cannot be used daily as it would wreck your hair so I’m playing it safe.

My hair came out smelling like apple cider vinegar, Perhaps I haven’t rinsed it thoroughly enough because I kept getting whiffs of the vinegar after I have dried my hair.

My scalp seemed to be ignorant of my new routine and had not gone overdrive in oil production, like what I read would happen. I hope it would stay that way,

My hair did not itch the whole day like it would on bad shampoo days. Last time I was in Buenos Aires using Carrefour’s cheap shampoo and conditioner, my scalp was raging itchy by noon time. I hated that period.

Day 2 ended quite well and it seems like I would not need the baking soda solution even on Day 3. Hopefully.


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