Day 3 of No Shampoo

Today I bought two plastic spray bottles for my “shampoo” and “conditioner”. This way, I will save more baking soda and apple cider vinegar since only small amounts come out of the spray.

I used the baking soda mix today because I was going to a wedding and wanted to go with clean hair. Today was also a good day to test if my scalp could cope with the real environment.

After blow drying my hair, I decided to try braiding my bangs since they are at a very awkward period where they levitate 2 inches from my forehead.


Surprisingly, my bangs were really tame this time around. Or maybe I tried really hard to braid them closed to the scalp.

My hair style managed to last from 1pm to 6pm before they started become unruly.

Day 3 observation: The rest of my hair is not exactly silky smooth but it is not steel-hard neither so I think this experiment is quite the success. Now I just have to wait for my scalp to overproduce oil. Anytime now, dear hair.

Blast from the past

This was how my usual bangs look like. This photo was taken about 1 months ago. I swear my hair is made of anti-gravity matter.

short bangs.33


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