Day 5: No shampoo update

On day 3 I mentioned that I bought spray bottles for my no shampoo method. They were S$1 each at the provision shop downstairs. The baking soda solution is on the left while the apple cider vinegar dilution is on the right. Color coded!

no poo in spray bottles.46

Day 3 of no baking soda

The last day I used the baking soda mix as shampoo was two days ago. Today I used only the apple cider vinegar. I still cannot get used to how sour the acv smells when I spray it on my hair. It is quite yucky.

While my hair has still not been over producing oil, it got a bit greasy.While I was spraying my hair in the shower, it felt like I just touched something oily as I smoothed the acv into my hair.

I guess it’s normal since I did not use any thing to “clean” my hair properly. This feeling is gone after I used baking soda wash.

However, surprisingly, my scalp hasn’t started itching like mad. It usually happens at the end of day two of no chemical shampoos. So I guess the chemical shampoos not only cleaned my scalp but left it prone to itchiness.

braided bangs.41

I did braided bangs again today because it is fun. I hope my bangs do grow faster so I can jus tuck them behind my ears and not need to worry about them.


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