Day 6: No shampoo update

I was planning to stick with the apple cider vinegar-only rinse today. However, I did use the baking soda mix in the end because I will be travelling tomorrow and I don’t want the toilet to smell like acv in the morning.

After 2 days of acv-only rinse, my hair was starting to feel a bit too waxy. It didn’t smell unpleasant but touching it was like touching an oily countertop (trust me, I’ve touched both). Is this the overproduction of scalp oil that people kept talking about?

After the baking soda wash, my hair was less waxy but still kind of stiff but smooth, which I attribute to apple cider vinegar.

By night, my hair started feeling a bit waxy. Finally, my hair is in transition period. This is when your scalp is supposed to overproduce oil because it hasn’t realized that it is not being washed with harsh chemicals.

Or something like that.

Is Asian hair suitable for “no poo”?

The problem with having Asian hair that is thick, slightly wavy and stiff is that the bloggers are mostly Caucasians with fine hair (ok, I found this post by a Laotian.) Also, none of the others seem to be living in a tropical environment so they can get away with no water on hair for several days in between.

Travelling while doing ‘no poo’

To prepare for my trip tomorrow, I am bringing travel-friendly no poo ingredients.

On the left, some baking soda in an empty bottle. On the right, straight apple cider vinegar. I I’ll mix with water when I reach my destination so they would pass my hand luggage screening.

no poo in travel bottles.02

Let’s hope I have enough ingredients for 4 days of travel.


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