Day 13: Beer rinse as part of "no poo"

I ran out of apple cider vinegar on my last day of travel. Instead of doing a water-only rinse, I decided to buy a can of cheap beer and try a beer rinse.

beer for hair.39

I read that the gas in the beer needs to disappear before you can use it as a hair treatment product. I poured out the beer into containers and left them to sit for overnight.

beer as shampoo .57

In the day, I poured everything into the mineral water bottle because it’s easier to pour the content on my hair that way. I also had a basin to catch any beer that runs down. That way, I could re-rinse my hair until all the beer has leaked out.

I washed my hair with water first before doing the beer rinse. After rinsing with beer, I rub it into my hair and scalp. Then I rinsed everything away but I suspect my hair still smelled of beer.

Result of beer rinse

After air drying my hair, it felt alright, a bit like how it felt after the 1/8 apple cider vinegar rinse. However, it does feel a little bit sticky and damp (or maybe that means it’s smooth).

A beer rinse isn’t very cheap in Singapore so I will be sticking to my baking soda + apple cider vinegar concoction for a long time.



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