Day 9 to 13 of ‘no poo’: Experimenting with acv ratio

Day 9 of no poo

On Day 3 of my beach holiday, I finally used baking soda and apple cider vinegar since my roomies were alright with acv’s smell.

I did the wash in the afternoon after a rather crazy itch session in the morning. Perhaps it was a mix of Day 8’s water-only rinse, not drying my hair properly, my scalp sweating and the heat that caused me to have my first itchy scalp after many days of “no poo”.

I used all the baking soda that I packed and added water to the half bottle of acv. I sprayed half a bottle of acv to my short hair and it was covered well enough.

After my baking soda + vinegar wash, the itchness was gone and my hair was good again.

Day 10

Another day of salt water + avc wash. I added another half bottle of water to the 1:1 avc solution from yesterday so there is less vinegar in this solution.

Surprisingly, my hair felt waxy after the avc. This situation happened after my many days of avc-only rinse. Maybe avc isn’t that good of an idea.

Day 11

Did a lot of walking under the sun but hair did not itch. This means that avc helps with my itchiness but water-only doesn’t.

After more than 10 days of “no poo”, my hair now has more volume. Some people would be happy for this but as a Chinese girl with steel-like hair, having more volume only makes me seem like I am wearing hair helmet.

It also makes me look like a character from Season 1 of Sex and the City.

Maybe “no poo” is more suitable for people with long hair or fine hair since more volume does make those hair type better.

But no poo does help me keep braids without using any rubber band. I suspect my hair oil is so tough that my braided bangs are waxed enough to maintain their shape for a long while.

Anyway, I shall continue with this experiment since I am growing out my hair anyway. Maybe I will have insanely full volumed hair by the time the length reaches my shoulder.

Day 12

At first I washed my hair with only water because I thought I misplaced the remainder of my acv. Then I found it in my bag so I topped it up with water and sprayed it all over my head.

The ratio of apple cider vinegar to water is now one-eight of vinegar. I think the ratio is just perfect because my hair was no longer waxy.

PLUS, despite not blow drying my hair, it didn’t become itchy even 30 hours after washing. It’s a miracle.

But, it could be that I had washed my hair very thoroughly with water that the apple cider vinegar felt like it was doing a good job.



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