Scheduled crying is good for your health


There are periods in my life that I encourage myself to cry. These are times when I feel a strange sadness like a blanket on my shoulder. At times like these, I tell myself that it’s alright to cry on a certain date.

Scheduled crying to me is not a weakness but a way to release the stress and tension. However, when that date comes, I usually do not find myself sad enough to cry or I would be too busy to find a proper time to cry.

Still, the crying time bomb is there, lurking somewhere waiting for a trigger before it blows up. When the time comes, suddenly I would burst into tears (not in public, thankfully).

A cry session usually ends as soon as it starts. I can’t think of what it is that I need to cry more about when I cry so I just turn the tap off.

One of the disadvantages of crying is that it’s tiring. It’s tiring to my tear ducts and to my whole body. I need a nice cup of hot coffee or tea after a cry session.

I should get prepared.


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