Applying ‘The Secret’ tips to my writing

I have mentioned the much hyped The Secret before on the blog. It’s about positive thinking and how the universe will give you what you want.

When I was travelling, one of my guesthouse’s wall decoration was a large check with an even larger amount of money on it. The recipient’s name was the guesthouse owner while the person who gave the check was “The Universe”.

I scoffed at the check, thinking how deluded the owner was. As if such money would roll out of the sky. (Well, The Secret claimed that the guy who started Chicken Soup for the Soul did have such a thing happen to him.)

Still, as a good superstitious Chinese person, I will do the same. There is a colloquial Chinese saying that, “You will be protected if you worship [any deity].

Here is the cover of my book-in-the-making:

book cover mockup unsociable

For everyone out there, please let me keep my book title and don’t steal it. I don’t have enough money to sue you if you do. Thanks in advance.


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