Update after 2 months of ‘no poo’

I first started my “no poo” experiment at the end of October. Now, it is near December’s end and I want to give you an update of what has been happening to my mane.

I am loving my “no poo” routine. I now space out my baking soda rinse to about 4 to 5 days. Everyday, I still do my apple cider vinegar rinse and I am happy to report that the serious waxiness that happened in the first 15 days has gone away. Seems like my transition period is about a month.

I have finished my first bottle of apple cider vinegar. I had been too eager during the first week and did 1:1 apple cider vinegar to water mix. Now I am doing 1:8 and the results are good.

My baking soda supply is still sufficient, even though I had been tipping some of it into the washing machine when I do the white load.

I do love my two small spray bottles although it’s more difficult to pick up the last few drops because of how the pipe is shaped.

I suspect that one of the reason why this “no poo” thing is working is because I have started brushing my hair again. I haven’t owned a comb until this period and I even went out to buy a hair brush! A hair brush.

Now that my hair is growing out, I would like to see how my hair would look when it’s long. But I haven’t had long hair since forever so I am not sure how it would compare to the past.


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