Interesting things that will happen to me in Q1 2014

Float like a jellyfish in 2014

Since we have seen what interesting things happened last year. Let’s set some goals for the year. To be optimistic, I title this post as “Interesting things that will happen“.

I’m more of a short-term goal kind of person so I’m only doing a Q1 2014’s resolutions. To make things even more interesting, I will list quarterly KPIs that I will review when the time comes. (Find out why KPIs are good for resolutions.)

1. Be in a job which I don’t dread going to work to

I will find an interesting job that doesn’t require me to become another person (aka an extrovert who is cynical about the answers people give me.) The pay will be good and I can have a good quality of life.

Quarterly KPIs:

  1. To actually have a job
  2. Salary is not lower than my past job
  3. Salary gives me good quality of life (I can still eat out and travel from time to time.)

2. Two of my travel books will be published by the end of the year

I have decided to split my 130 days of travel into two books: one with 27 short stories and the another a travel memoir.

The short story book is being written one story a day while the travel memoir is still in the seed stage–it will grow once I water and fertilize it enough.

Quarterly KPIs for short story book:

  1. 27 short stories will be done before end of January.
  2. Short stories will be rewritten by February 28.
  3. Book proposal sent by March 1st with story samples.
  4. If no publisher responds, self publish on Amazon Kindle for US$2.99. (Considered in Q2 2014.)

Quarterly KPIs for memoir:

  1. Outline book after February (when short stories all done).
  2. By March, start first draft.
  3. 1/4 of book done by end-March.

[More writing resolutions inspiration for writers.]

3. At least one blog post will go viral in Q1

This is more travel blog-related but I’m too embarrassed to share this there. I did have one viral blog post last year (on Valentine’s Day). That day, there were 900+ page views and it remains the highest on my list. My blog posts will go viral and I will get loads of ad views. Bua haha.

Quarterly KPIs for virality:

  1. 900+ page view for a new post on a day

4. Be healthy

Looking at my food triplets and kneading my stomach like dumpling dough make me worry about my health. Yes, I love my body but it wouldn’t harm if I get rid of some of that tummy fat.

Quarterly KPIs:

  1. Walk 10km a day. This is much easier to do as I’m not working but when I do start working, I want to keep this up.
  2. Limit fast food to twice a month. No more 7 meals of Popeyes in less than 3 weeks.
  3. Eat 5 fruits a weekday. Can be replaced by whole veggie.

4. Publish 2 travel ebooks

This resolution is different from #2 which is more literary. I want to publish information books for the audience. Then I want to make one that will make money.

I want to collect my Weekend Traveller series and turn them into a nice PDF ebook for others to download. Next up, I want to make a guidebook about using Johor as a base to visit Singapore. This ebook will cost money. Bua hahaha.


  1. Have Weekend Traveller book ready by end of January
  2. Draft chapters in JB book by end of January
  3. Write content for JB book in February
  4. Publish JB book by March

5. Be ready for a relationship

Finally, I am putting this down in writing. I have been treating as if I don’t give much damn about finding a boyfriend. Because true, I don’t want a “boyfriend” since I don’t want a boy (despite how much I like to ogle at them) but I want an adult man (not man-childs).


  1. After getting a job, go on at last 8 dates before end of March
    • Contact enough persons to get said 8 dates. Repeated dates with same man is encouraged.

So, that is all of my Q1 resolutions. What is on your list?


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