Dreamt: Serial killers

I don’t remember my dreams a lot so even though I did not particularly enjoyed this dream, I like that I remembered it.

The beginning of the dream is hazy. I am back in my hometown but it also has great hills with nice fields.

But there had been deaths going on. The people killed were innocent but somehow I knew that the killings were related to my family. Somehow.

The last killed man was the cousin of some young child. The killers sent a brown leather suitcase, inside there was a photo of the man’s dead body. His eyes were wide open and there were blood on his wrists, face and other parts, although his office shirt was still pretty bright.

I don’t know how the killers contacted us but dad knew that the killers were coming.

The meeting point was our shop. Mom left all the metal doors open, all the lights on.

I armed myself with the metal we use to pull the rolling metal doors down. It is a pathetic metal that is rusty from twenty years of use.

Then the killers came. Strangely, or as normal as it can get in a dream, the killers were Africans. Like seriously, dear brain, are you trying to make me racist here? They were armed with bats and were about two heads taller than I am.

I was ready to die for the dead. My dad was too.

I had to tell the killers to leave the customers as they were innocent. Not that they cared about innocent people anyway. Also, why are people still shopping at what will obviously be a battlefield? People!

Right before the showdown, I woke up suddenly because my legs were cold. I couldn’t fall back to see if I would win the fight. Probably not because I was holding such a thin piece of metal.

Serial Killer: To see a serial killer in your dream represents fear and insecurity.


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