Jan 19: Apply yourself [365 days of writing prompt]

January 19: Apply yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.

Memorization has never been my strong suit. When I was in primary 2, I was supposed to memorize a story for story telling competition.

The teacher gave me a script which I brought home and promptly lost. My mom wrote her version of the same story and helped me with memorizing.

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get it into my brain and I resisted. In the end, I went on stage and made up the story. It didn’t sound like a good story because I paused at too many places.

From then, I decided that I would hate memorization and anything that required me to remember and regurgitate a chunk of text.

learning spanish in south america

Of course, this mindset is not helpful at all when learning a new language. But I love learning languages so I have to make it fun to memorize or I would give up too soon.

When I was taking Spanish classes in Buenos Aires and Arequipa, the classes were fun enough that they didn’t feel like memorization work.

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot of it too.


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