Girl, Interrupted [Reading Bingo]

reading bingo

So, I’ve crossed out the first book on my Reading Bingo list. (I still haven’t decided which box do the books I have previously read in the beginning of the year are in.)

girl interrupted.22

I saw tbe book “Girl, Interrupted” while I was browsing at Hougang Library. I was just looking around and the spine caught my eye. I found out that it was filed under the mental health section in the library.

There is only 168 pages in the book so it’s a really easy read. The writing is light and approachable.

Summary of the book: Susanna Kaysen, 18, is sent to a posh mental hospital in 1967. The book talks about the different people in the hospital.

The book was made into a movie, starring Winona Ryder with a very cute pixie cut and Angelina Jolie with a very bad blond wig (or is that her real hair?). The trailer and the book seem to be two very different things, except that the leading character is Susanna.

Girl, Interrupted trailer

I wasn’t interested in reading the book until I saw it mentioned in a book teaching people how to write memoir. The writing guide noted how the author has included documents from the hospital to make it more jarring.

I am mildly fascinated with mental health. I sometimes wonder what the line between sane and insane is. From the book, I could tell that I’m definitely considered sane since I’ve not started scratching myself to relieve anxiety or anything like that.

After reading the book, I wonder if my mild adventures around the world actually deserve being written into a book or if I’m just stubborn.

Check out the Reading Bingo page.


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