Jan 24: Ready, set, go [365 days of writing]

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

ready set write
It’s funny how today’s writing prompt asks us to write in a 10-minute block. I usually write for two 10-minute blocks since asking me to write for 20 minutes straight is the same as asking me to stand near a pan to prevent something from overcooking. I don’t think I actually know what that means.

I am now back in my teenhood bedroom. I am back home after 3 months of “job searching”. My parents look the same but older. Mom has shrunk from being the same height as I am to something even tinier. I wonder how tiny people would become when they grow past middle age. Will they shrink to the size of children?

Speaking of children, I was walking to the MRT station and I saw the back of a woman. She was dressed in what I would call children sized clothes. But then I realized that most women in Singapore are children sized, which is why the clothes being sold are tiny. I’ve always had a wish to stay somewhere where I wasn’t considered tall, it would be fun to feel petite once in a while.

OK, so now I’m back home. I actually wanted to write tomorrow’s writing prompt since it’s a lot cooler. Also, I haven’t been writing my RTW short stories for quite a number of days. I blame it on my job hunt, it takes up time. Still, it’s an excuse since 20 minutes can easily be subtracted out of a day’s time.

I have also started trying out a few fun exercises. I know I detest exercise but if it’s fun (aka not running), I’m willing to give it a try.

I am participating in Fit to Win, a social fitness thingy. You pay $25 to the organizer. $5 is the registration fee while the $20 goes into a huge imaginary pot. By the end of 8 weeks, participants who have lost 5% of their initial weight would get to split the big pot of money (currently at $4000).

The best part about this social fitness thingy is that you get 24 points (30 points with secret code) and you can use the points to try out different classes at fitness clubs. For now, I’ve been to two pilates class (my inner thighs trembled at one point of the exercise) and Latin Fusion aerobics class (I was the worst of all the classpeople because I just cannot remember the foot work).

I will try out the rest of the classes after I head back to Singapore. Well, I haven’t bought tickets back to Singapore so I’m not very sure when that will be.

How many minutes have passed? Can I stop writing now? Why did I even write this incoherent post in the first place? It’s more incohe—–

[Time’s up!]


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