No poo update: A week after shampooing

I dyed my hair last week before Chinese New Year. Since I wanted the color to stick to my hair and not waxy hair, I gave it a nice shampoo.

It was great. My hair felt squeaky clean but it also looked frizzy. From my reflection, I believed that my hair color became more yellow–as it was when I first dyed it.

During my no poo days, the color was a bit reddish. I’m not sure if hair wax would distort color of dyed hair.

While I was back home, I didn’t use any baking soda solution on my hair. I thought it was a hassle making a large batch of baking soda and only using it once.

Instead, I used apple cider vinegar for two whole weeks. Two days ago, I moved to my new place. I didn’t want to scare the folks off with my acv rinse so my hair is currently now acv free with only a baking soda rinse this morning.

Now my hair is waxy. It has returned to the state it was in the beginning of no poo. While this is fantastic for rubber band-free braids, I don’t feel very comfortable walking around with waxy hair.

Previously I had attributed this level of waxiness to too much acv. Now I know it wasn’t. It was just my scalp being overproductive. Maybe this has to do with my upcoming period too.

Thankfully it doesn’t smell bad. I’ll check back here a few weeks later to see if it persists.

I found a better term for no poo: Shamphree (shampoo + free)


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