Reading Bingo: A Book That Scares You

At first I thought I would choose a horror story for this Reading Bingo item. But apart from Susan Hill’s books, not many books give me the chills.

I just finished The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I found that I had it on my Kindle and I skipped reading the rather lecture-y book about writing for this.

Like Girl, Interrupted which I previously featured, The Bell Jar is a book about a girl who goes mad and is subsequently returned to society as the doctors deem her normal. Both books are based on real life but The Bell Jar was published as fiction under a fake name.

I was afraid of starting the book. I was afraid that I might see too much of myself in the character. If I did see myself in it, does that mean that I will become mad eventually and try to kill myself?

In the end, I didn’t see a lot of myself in Esther, the narrator. What I did see scared me. Here is a brilliant person who wants to die but the rest of society wants her to live.

I’m not sure if I sound morbid but if someone has made the conscious decision that it would be better to stop living, shouldn’t we be supportive? Instead, she is saved again and again. In parts of the  book, she is treated with shock therapy but that did not blow away the blues.

While dying does not solve any problems, sometimes living doesn’t solve much neither.


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