Reading Bingo: A book published this year

I was pretty worried that I would not be able to cross out this Reading Bingo tile. I’m not one to buy a physical book when it just came out because it’s too expensive a hobby. I don’t want to fork over $10 or so for an e-book neither.

Luckily, the Book Gods were kind and let me tick “A book published this year” with Alexis Grant’s first Kindle book: You Deserve to Love Your Job.

I got the book during the promotion period for US$0.99 which is a steal from the original US$4.99. I found out about Alexis about two years back through my other favorite blogger Penelope Trunk. Alexis had been managing editor for Penelope’s then-startup Brazen Careerist.

I  enjoyed the book and nodded many times while reading it. In the book, it tells you how to quit complaining how much you dislike your job and start DOING something to get to where you want to be. Some of those steps are finding out what your career goal it and learn the skills you need for that dream through on the job practice or even as a side non-paying job.

Most of ideas have been implemented by Alexis and subsequently shared on her blog. Still it was good to have 20 of them gathered into one e-book.

Which step will I start implementing? Well, I have to figure out what my end goal is.


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