Aching all over from exercise

I dislike exercise that is not fun or those that I can’t do. In the first category, there is running and jogging. In the second category, there is sit ups and all those torso bending activities.

However, lately I have been doing a lot of exercise. I signed up for a social weight loss challenge back in February. The biggest perk is that I get to try out a lot of exercise activities from the sponsors.

I have tried: pilates on reformer, pilates without reformer, zumba, latin fusion, fitball, KpopX Fitness, Bokwa, Cardio Mix (jumping onto a small step-thing).

I didn’t know that exercise can be so fun! But I’m still too much a cheapo to pay for membership. 😦

I also didn’t know that I had muscles in all parts of my body. I thought those were purely flabby fat. Ha ha.

What’s your exercise poison?


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