Review of Q1 2014 resolutions

In January, I wrote my goals for the first quarter of 2014. Since Q1 is ending, it’s a good time for a review.

1. Be in a job which I don’t dread going to work to

It’s a bit funny that I ended up working for the company which manages the place where I took the photo above. I haven’t announced it to the public yet but I think that will happen in Q2

Quarterly goals:

  1. To actually have a job
  2. Salary is not lower than my past job
  3. Salary gives me good quality of life (I can still eat out and travel from time to time.)

I’ve ticked all three quarterly goals for this section. I’m still saving up money for travelling so that can be in Q2

2. Two of my travel books will be published by the end of the year

I failed miserably for this goal. I gave up on working on the stories because I don’t think they are interesting enough. Still, I need to work on them if I want to show that uncle of mine that the trip was worth it.

3. At least one blog post will go viral in Q1

I was hoping that a new blog post of mine would go viral because of my wit. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been writing much on the travel blog.

Still, my old post about Don’t Date a Girl who Travels was suddenly viral because of another post. It’s funny how thing works out in the end.

4A. Be healthy

I accidentally wrote two #4 so I’ll name them A and B instead.

I was healthy for a period of time because I signed up for Fit to Win. I ended up weighing 400g more than my original weight. But the event made me realize that exercising can be fun.

4B. Publish 2 travel ebooks

Oops! Similar to #2, this didn’t work out. Although I have content for Weekend Travel, formatting it into a PDF is a pain in the butt!

The JB book’s content hadn’t been planned yet. Boo.

5. Be ready for a relationship

I had been using my unemployment as an excuse for this. I need to get working on it. KTHXBAI!


I’ll take a few days to come up with new goals for Q2.


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