Things that will happen in Q3

I didn’t write down any resolutions for Q2 because I was too lazy. Now that July has arrived, I need to get started with making a To-Do list for the quarter.

1. Work to get a promotion/raise

When I realized that I had the lowest ranking among all my colleagues, I felt bad. There are people who are two years younger but one rank higher than I am.

Hopefully, my bosses (plural) will see all the work I’ve put in and let me climb that rung of ladder.

2. Go on 6 dates in Q3

Instead of setting too high a goal like last time, this quarter I will go on an average of two dates each month. I guess it doesn’t have to be different persons for the dates. I mean, my goal is not to date as much as possible but find someone suitable.

By the way, I have a one-year deadline for finding a partner to my sister’s wedding next year or face much (imagined) ridicule.

3. Ask a guy out in person

I have a problem with being really awkward around guys I’m interested in. I make it into a really big deal when it’s just nothing.

So in Q3, I need to ask a guy out in person. If I’m rejected, it’s not the end of the world anyway. Just smile and move on.

4. Go for improv class and excel

The first improv trial class I went to was fun, the second not so much because the teacher was a bit uptight. He didn’t think of improv as “comedy”. I enjoy improv because I find it comic.

I shall sign up for the next full-length class and be a top graduate. This means getting to perform somewhere, anywhere.

5. Travel more: 3 trips in Q3

Now that I have a full time job with a nice enough pay, I should go travelling more. No more using “I’m a bit exhausted from my RTW” as an excuse.

I’m not sure if Desaru and going to KL for a wedding count. But if they do, I have two in the bag.

6. Write one blog post a week for travel blog

This is related to the above. I had not been giving my travel blog much attention because I was quite sick of writing at work.

Now that I have a saner schedule because I’m not pumping out as much content, perhaps I can write more. At least

7. Save more

A bit contradicting if I need to travel and save. But I really do need to hit my imagined target.

That’s all for my Q3 2014 To-Do list. I have to be accountable for them. Good luck!


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