Reading for September 2014: 10 of pentacles


Ten of Pentacles

Briefly:A blessed union, one full of love and caring.

Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a couple, a man and a woman, under an archway. They are looking at each other very affectionately. Beside them a young child stays close to the woman. In the foreground of this picture sits an older, wiser male, his years have caught up with him and now he sits and watches all that he has acheived. He is at peace, his family surrounds him and his wealth is evident. He has and still commands much respect as is shown by the two dogs eagerly awaiting his attention. If you are currently single, you may be about to become attached, as in meeting the person you will eventually marry, or actually tying the knot very soon if you are engaged. This will be a blessed union, one full of love and caring. There may also be some financial benefits of mutual sharing coming up in the very near future. It may very well be that your either your close or extended family comes in to assist you start your own venture. If you are currently not particularly financial, your future security is near at hand, and this may come about via any means, such as a windfall, inheritance or the benefit of shared resources.


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