Reading for October 2014: King of Pentacles


King of Pentacles

Briefly:A man whose aim is to appear wealthy, which is his ultimate goal.

Full Meaning: On this card we see a man seated on a throne.  He looks regal and sophisticated.  He holds a sceptre in his left hand and a Pentacle in his right hand.  This man is very serious about financial security and has made the accumulation of funds his main preoccupation in life.  He is very proud of his achievements and willing to show others his prized possessions. At this time in his life he is probably aged around late thirties to early forties. His work may involve him in the field of banking or the stock-market.  The main aim of his life is to be financially secure and then he can relax in his later years in luxury and comfort.  Appearances are important to him and to this end he dresses very conservatively and smartly.  Comfort is also a factor in his well made and expensive attire.  The aim is to appear wealthy, which is his ultimate goal.  Usually he rides the wave of success in mid life and is therefore able to display an air of authority and confidence in his position. Others respect him for his determination and passion to succeed. He has mastered his life successfully and is usually married with a few children.  His wife is conscious of his material desires and needs and accepts her role as the caretaker of all he owns. 


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