Reading for April 2015: Knight of Swords

[This reading was done on April 1, 2014]



Knight of Swords

Briefly:The time for a new adventure. Are you feeling restless and need to get away? Take that chance.

Full Meaning: Physically lean yet strong. He moves swiftly. Restless, active and fiery. Piercing eyes, usually blue. Mostly clean shaven, though not always. Above average height.
Personality: Mostly a gentle type, though a little aloof. Does not give out too much about himself. Tends to be almost shy, and is not the type to talk about himself very often. He is a very adventurous character, always exploring, always searching and looking out for somewhere else to go. He is basically a quiet man, chooses his words carefully and is especially selective as to who he chooses as his friends. He can be a rough and tumble type too, when he feels inclined in that direction. He can travel lightly and with great enthusiasm. He likes to see the whole wide world, not just one country. He may not settle down early in life, there is too much of the wanderer in him. He makes a good nomad. He does not like to be bothered with too many possessions as they can weigh him down. He likes to travel light and usually does. He is clever yet just as gullible as the next man. However, he is aware of this in his nature and is ever on guard for anyone who may attempt to take advantage of him. He is always on alert. He looks over his shoulder, just to be on the safe side.
Occupations suited to him would be the travel merchant, the travelling artist, a go-between, messenger or courier. He could work on construction sites, just for the fact that they are outdoors. He does not like to be constrained within an office type situation, he would rather die. He needs to be out and about, meeting people, exploring, discovering. Even archaeology could appeal to his sense of adventure and excitement and the lure of potential discovery or riches.
His future lies in allowing himself the privilege to be free. Not all people can, or want to do that. He does. This is his destiny. His life is about travel, exploring, discovering and taking risks. He is the daredevil who has no fear of death and may even tend to tempt it at times with his often reckless way of doing things. In love he takes chances and will bear the consequences. As he does not like to be tied down, he is unlikely to settle or marry until later in life, usually after age 30 or even longer.
Querent’s card. If this is you, now may be the time for a new adventure. Are you feeling restless and need to get away? Take that chance, that new opportunity that has just presented itself and just go. Do it. Go there. Life is not for stagnation, but then again, you always knew that.
If you are not the querent and this card appears, then there is a somewhat restless person about to enter your life fleetingly. He will not stay too long. He has other plans, other dreams. Do not try to put chains around his neck or tie him down to the drudgery of the 9 to 5 routine in any way. He will leave quicker than you can say his name. He knows his destiny, and you are just a stop over point on his quest for far greater experiences.


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