Reading for work Jan: Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Briefly: A home move.

Full Meaning: Quite often this card signifies a home move. There is a restlessness that gives the feeling of wanting to move on. If it is not a house move, it could be a new relationship, or one that is a significant relationship, such as your first one, or it has been a long time between relationships, or one that proves important in the long run, such as one leading to marriage. However a small word of caution, find out all you can about this new person, for there could be something secretive about him/her.
This can also mean a significant happening or event at night, having to rush off somewhere, to someone’s aid perhaps, someone in hospital and/or a time to make quick decisions and act in a hurry, or alternatively you may act in haste during the night.
This card has also been known to indicate a robbery. It could be a thief in your home, or any other place where you keep valuables, such as a car or an office.
Overall, your life now has the potential to alter in some significant way. You could cut ties with your past, your family or friends and go off on your own path. These changes may be irrevocable and can close the door on your old life to make way for a total transition into a new way of living. Just be sure this is exactly what you want to do. You need to be firm and strong in your decision making now and in the near future.

Reading done on Oct 20, 2011


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